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No matter how much information we put out, or how clear we think it is – some questions will always remain. We are looking forward to helping you out. However, before reaching out to us, please check out the below list of questions we have answered. This way you might find what you’re looking for more quickly, and gives us some time to answer more specific questions via email.

  • Can GFO be mixed with lubricants that I am already using or have on my guns?

    The easy answer is to tell you to clean your gun thoroughly then lube well with Gun Fighter Oil. What can happen is the GFO does such a good job that other oils and the gunk on the gun lift off the surfaces and become a bit messy.

    That said, there are plenty of times on the range we add GFO to a student’s gun that has been previously lubricated and cleaned with who knows what and they say it never ran better. Best practice is to clean and lube from scratch to ensure there are no reactions between products. In a pinch during training or a match, wet it up with Gun Fighter Oil.

  • How much lubricant should I use?

    In our opinion, the notion that using lube sparingly as it will attract dust and debris is just silly. Yes it may attract dust and debris. On the other hand, you can keep the gun running well, cooler and better by having it wet, where it needs to be.

    A little lube or enough lube both create a situation where debris can get on the gun. Operationally, you should be maintaining equipment for each mission. Flat range training requires the guns to operate for extended periods, often under much harsher conditions than an average LEO/citizen would ever find themself in. Lube is life to a weapon. Keep it wet.

    Always check with the manufacturer. There are definitely areas we do not want to get lube, i.e. the striker channel of most striker fired guns.

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