Gun Grease

(1 oz. Syringe) Gunfighter Gun Grease – $16.95

(Save 10%) Pro Pack: 3-Pack of 1 oz. Syringes – $45.77

(Save 20%) The Armorer’s Special: 10 Pack of 1 oz. Syringes – $135.60

The All American Combo: Includes a 1 oz. syringe of gun grease, a 4 oz. bottle of super cleaner, and a 4 oz. bottle of gun oil – $36.50 

Super Combo: Includes a 1oz. syringe of gun grease, a 4 oz. bottle of super cleaner, a 4oz. and 2oz. bottle of gun oil, and a 2 oz needle top applicator – $49.00


Gunfighter Grease

$16.95$132.40 (sales tax for Illinois residents only)

Gunfighter Gun Grease is a 100% synthetic, all-temperature grease that excels at corrosion resistance and stays put. It’s safe for all firearms and will not degrade. It comes in an easy applicator syringe with removable-resealable top so you can apply the amount you need without making a mess.

Sales tax for Illinois residents only.

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Gunfighter gun grease applied to firearm.

Synthetic, Non-toxic, All-weather Gun Grease That Stays Where You Put It!

Gunfighter Gun Grease is the premium lubrication of choice for your firearm. It protects and lubricates metal-to-metal moving parts, keeping them in optimum condition.

Our grease is long lasting and doesn’t dry up or get clumpy. It’s also a great choice for storage – your weapon will be well protected against wear and tear.


  • 100% Synthetic All Temperature Grease
  • Operating Temp: -60°F to 325°F
  • Excels At Corrosion Resistance
  • Safe For All Firearms
  • Non-Toxic
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • NLGI#0 weight
  • Will Not Degrade
  • Stays Put
  • Easy Applicator Syringe
  • Removable-Resealable Top


Stay lubricated in any temperature or condition on planet earth

This made in the U.S.A. state of the art synthetic grease, is arguably the finest firearm grease on the market.

While you may notice it does not have as high of an operating temp as some other popular greases there is a reason for that. It’s just not necessary.

In order for this grease to work as it’s designed it is optimized for what actually happens inside of firearms. Super high temperatures are just not normal inside the actions of firearms.

Most greases used for guns are just repackaged machinery and equipment greases.

It’s not that they won’t work, they just won’t work as well as Gunfighter Gun Grease as its specifications create exactly what your gun needs to stay optimally lubricated in any temperature and condition on planet earth.


Firearm Lubricant Gunfighter Gun Grease



Five Star ReviewCorrosion resistance is phenomenal
“Best lubrication for any gun out there! Corrosion resistance is phenomenal and has very little odor for you hunters out there.”
– Billy R

Five Star ReviewHands down the best lube
“Hands down the best lube and cleaning products on the market. Rain, cold, a really hot day on the range it’s doesn’t matter. Gunfighter Gun oil will always be there in the end getting the job done. 2,000 rounds it’s still there doing its job won’t burn off like others.”
– Jim W

Five Star ReviewDoes not break down or burn off after running hot
“Gunfighter does not break down or burn off after running hot, bad for environment but good lube. Since it doesn’t biodegrade it probably won’t be marketed much longer so I grabbed some before like always, the good stuff gets taken away.”
– JM